Lake Development Update


To all our members and supporters:

As we promised, FOLQ intends to keep you informed as we continue efforts to protect our lake shoreline from negative aspects of development.

Even though our zoning articles did not make it through the Planning Board process in time to be voted on at Town Meeting, we will be continuing our zoning efforts and also consider several other actions to maintain leverage. We feel there are realistic options that can positively impact development plans:

• Encouraging the Town to draw up a master plan for the lakeside business district– that prioritizes citizen access and greenspace. This will help the town encourage good development at 200 Quannapowitt Pkwy as well as other parcels near the lake. And it may inform the ZBA in its actions.

• Plan for pressure on the Zoning Board of Appeals, which must grant a “Special Permit” to any applicant before residential housing can be constructed in the district. It may be months before this occurs.

• Research on various technical and legal issues that may serve as leverage to limit negative factors in the development.

• Work carefully toward a zoning article that will be:
o Enforceable down the road.
o Responsive to citizen concerns about the lake environment.
o Serve as a statement of the Town’s intent, even if not immediately enforceable.

All of this will proceed at a somewhat slower pace. But we will stay engaged and we ask that you do too.

While we are facing a complicated challenge, we are strengthened by the concern and passion of citizens for their lake. For this, we offer great appreciation to all of you!