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It’s Our Birthday!
1991-2016:.  25 Years of Advocacy - and Results

In 1991, a few citizens began talking about the need for an organized effort to protect Lake Quannapowitt. They viewed the lake as a resource that is central to our identity as a town, and valuable to the whole north shore area as a recreation site. They also were aware of the lake’s vulnerability to intrusions of many sorts.

The lake needed a voice. FOLQ became that voice. Imagine our lake without the changes listed below, all unlikely without FOLQ advocacy and the strong membership behind it.

Purchase of Lanai Island by Eminent Domain & Gertrude Spaulding Park Established
FOLQ, without any initial support from the town, initiated the effort to purchase land owned by the restaurant in mid-sale. Town Meeting and a referendum confirmed this initiative. We now have a public park instead of a fast food restaurant.

Public Walk Path in front of American Mutual (Comverse/Digital Realty)
Confirmed in a court case, initiated by “Apple Pie” and supported by FOLQ Aging Benches Replaced in Lakeside Areas. Without a weight on the town budget, FOLQ administered donations of 60 beautiful commemorative benches at lakeside sites.

Crematory Installation Stopped
FOLQ advocacy prevented a crematory from being installed within yards of the lakeshore.

Goose Control Implemented
FOLQ supported extensive researchand pilot programs related to the problem of exploding goose populations around the lake. It then successfuly advocated for on-going goose control to be incorporated into the on-going town budget. FOLQ continues to monitor with scientific counts of the goose population

Colonel Connelly Park Renovated
Aging wire fences and barrier hedges were removed enabling access to the lake for walkers. A new playground for very young children was constructed.

Town Lake Study Committee Initiated
Due largely to advocacy by FOLQ, a Lake Study Committee was appointed by Wakefield Selectmen to do an in-depth study of Lake Q’s water quality problems and to develop long-term options for maximizing the lake’s health.

Large Utility Poles at the Head of the Lake Removed
During May 2016 construction is slated to begin on placing wires underground along park grounds on Lowell Street.

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