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What size and how old is the lake?

Lake Quannapowitt has a surface of approximately 250 acres, a mean depth of 6.3 feet, maximum depth of 11.3 and a shoreline length of 3 miles. The lake is an impounded kettle hole formed by glaciers during the last ice age about 13,000 years ago.

Who “owns” the lake?

The Lake is a Great Pond of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, held in trust for public use, regulated by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and administered by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The land surrounding the lake is owned by the Town of Wakefield or private landowners.

Why does the lake become discolored in summer?

The lake becomes increasingly discolored with less visibility when nutrients existing in the lake bottom, or entering from storm water, runoff to trigger algae blooms.

Can I swim in the Lake; what about my pet?

Swimming is not recommended. Rinse pets off immediately if they encounter an algae bloom. Algae blooms in summer (green scum) will cause the lake to be posted by the Board of Health cautioning about swimming and contact with the water. These blooms may produce toxins that could make people and pets’ sick.

If you have questions, please contact the Health Department at 781-246-6375 for more information.

Can I boat on the lake?

Boating is allowed. For powerboats a maximum of 10 horsepower is allowed. Recreational sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding are allowed.

Can I fish on the lake?

The lake is a warm water fishery. Fishing is allowed if properly licensed. Licenses are available at https://www.mass.gov/how-to/buy-your-freshwater-fishing-license

Are Improvements planned for lake water quality?

Programs are being managed by the Wakefield Department of Public Works to mitigate/eliminate storm water runoff containing nutrients and pollutants from entering the lake. To complete these programs successfully, it will take continued commitment, time, and funding. Currently, there is no plan in place to address the problem of nutrients in the lake causing algae blooms.

What’s being done to control the geese?

The Town has a Canada Goose control program to disturb the geese at rest since 2007. FOLQ monitors the population of these non-migrating geese and reports great reductions from the pre-control numbers to the present. It is important to limit the geese and their droppings to have cleaner park areas and reduce nutrient run-off into the lake. Seasonal goose counts are available on our website at FOLQ.ORG.


Are there bathrooms at the lake?

Porta Potties are available during the high use months (seasonal). Funding has been received to install permanent bathrooms near Veterans Field. Installation is expected to be completed sometime in 2023.

Is there parking available near the Lake?

Parking at the lake is easily available with exceptions for large-scale events held on weekends.
Event websites can help with finding additional parking.