Watershed Field Trips


Watershed Field Trips for Galvin Middle School Students

Each spring, FOLQ sponsors annual Watershed Field Trips attended by students of the Wakefield Middle School.

FOLQ initiated this program in 1998 by writing a successful 3-year grant in partnership with Galvin Middle School 6th grade science teachers. In more recent years Wakefield Educational Foundation has covered curriculum costs with an endowment fund from Gertrude Spaulding.

The school department funds transportation costs. FOLQ recruits citizen volunteers to serve as chaperones in the field. Students are bussed to Camp Nihan in Saugus where they explore the flora and fauna indigenous to the area.

In addition to taking in the natural sights and sounds of this conservation area, students conduct scientific experiments under the guidance of their science teachers and FOLQ volunteers. Because of this program, all students educated in Wakefield Public Schools gain a fundamental understanding of the water cycle.