FOLQ Needs Your Vote at Town Meeting


As reported recently by the Daily Item, the Attorney for Cabot, Cabot & Forbes has taken legal steps to block the effect of our zoning change articles on the Warrant for Town Meeting this coming Saturday, November 7. While this action could make the proposed changes ineffective, FOLQ believes it does not change the importance of participating in Town Meeting and passing the Article.

In a short time, we have seen an overwhelming amount of public support for our action as demonstrated by a successful petition drive and town wide lawn signs. Because of this, FOLQ remains fully committed to opposing oversized and unprecedented development on the Lake.

Passing the change into Law at Town Meeting will document the desire of the town citizens to block oversized residential development in the Limited Business lakeside district and have their voices heard in support of better planned and balanced development that encourages limited residential and commercial use in the district.

A yes vote will inform and influence the process when the Zoning Board of Appeals hears the developer’s request for approval of a plan that favors investor’s interests over the citizens of Wakefield. A yes vote on a zoning change will speak to future development plans as they move along the planning process. A yes vote will encourage a thoughtful long-term plan for the area that means so much to Wakefield citizens.

The recent legal maneuver to limit the effectiveness of our zoning initiative actually makes it more important to enact it, not less. We look forward to a thoughtful dialogue and vote at Town Meeting on November 7.

Friends of Lake Quannapowitt