Lakeside Benches

In 2002, the Wakefield Board of Selectmen and the Friends of Lake Quannapowitt initiated a program to replace aging benches in public areas around Lake Quannapowitt. The beautiful six-foot benches that dot the perimeter of the Lake were given by donors selected from a lottery for choice of location and serve as reminders of lives touched by the Lake.

Today, FOLQ continues to maintain the benches on an as needed basis by coordinating with volunteers to sand and stain them ensuring their preservation for future generations to enjoy. Volunteers meet for a few hours to tackle clusters of benches in need of attention. Those interested in donating their labor or supplies can contact FOLQ by telephone at (781) 979-2400 or emailing

Educational Programs

Each spring, FOLQ sponsors annual Watershed Field Trips attended by students of the Wakefield Middle School. The program is an ongoing project initiated by FOLQ in partnership with Galvin Middle School 6th grade science teachers. FOLQ funds curriculum costs and offers additional field supervision from volunteers; the school department funds transportation costs. In the most recent Watershed Field Trip, students were bused to Camp Nihan in Saugus where they explored the flora and fauna indigenous to the area. In addition to taking in the natural sights and sounds of this conservation area, students conducted scientific experiments under the guidance of their science teachers and FOLQ volunteers.

FOLQ provides televised forums on topics related to Lake Quannapowitt. The 2009 series included a history of the Lake, a discussion of the recent dredging efforts by the Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department of Hartshorne Cove and a presentation of the activities of the town-appointed Goose Control Committee to control the presence of Canada Geese at the Lake.

The 2010 series includes a discussion of the mid 1900 activities along the lake as told by the stories of Jane Good and Jim Scott. A discussion on storm drain runoff, which we are finding is a very expensive and important component to the lake's water quality, is another possible option.

We welcome suggestions for topics to be covered.

Water Monitoring

In cooperation with the Wakefield High School Science Club, FOLQ facilitates the water testing of Lake Quannapowitt, which it has done for more than seventeen years. To improve and analyze the Lake's condition,

FOLQ works with various state and local government entities. At the state level, FOLQ continue its association with the Water Watch Partnership located at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), which is responsible for coordinating volunteer monitoring programs for rivers and lakes statewide. The Partnership monitors FOLQ's activities, provides advanced lab analysis, supplies quality control samples to ensure that our local results are accurate, and provides educational materials and instructional programs.

At the local level FOLQ works with Wakefield's Department of Public Works in conjunction with the federally mandated storm water runoff program. Many storm drains empty directly into the Lake, carrying pollutants and nutrients from the surrounding watershed area. The long-term goal of the federal program is to reduce these unwanted materials from entering Wakefield's rivers, lakes and wetland areas.

A continued goal for FOLQ is the completion of a database of all its testing results for the purpose of establishing a base line of information to guide future plans to improve the Lake's condition.

Testing takes place 5 times a year beginning in April and continuing through the warm months. The water is collected at the docks of the Quannapowitt Yacht Club and is taken back to Wakefield High School for testing. New junior and adult members are invited to volunteer any Saturday that testing is scheduled and will be provided the supplies and training needed in the collection and analysis of samples. Those interested in volunteering should contact FOLQ by telephone at (781) 979-2400 or emailing

Bricks by the Lake

The renovation of Col. Connelly Park at the head of the lake has been a major initiative of FOLQ during the past several years. While FOLQ has maintained fundraising and advocacy roles, the project has entailed broad public participation - including endorsement by elected officials; donations from local businesses and civic organizations; grants from corporations and Department of Conservation Resources; and hundreds of individual donors. Due to effective fundraising, the park is being revitalized without any impact on the strained town budget. Phase I of the park renovation was completed in May of 2008. Funds are now being raised to further enhance the area and provide equipment for the tot lot. This project, combined with an earlier FOLQ effort to create the adjacent Gertrude Spaulding Park, has transformed the head of the lake into an inviting and scenic area, heavily used by individuals from Wakefield and surrounding communities.

Bricks by the Lake is a fundraising campaign sponsored by the Friends of Lake Quannapowitt to fund the Col. Connelly Park renovation. Donors are given the opportunity to put their permanent mark on an area beloved by the community by purchasing a custom-engraved brick that is imbedded in the new flagpole plaza at Col. Connelly Park. With two installations already complete, brick orders are now being taken for embedment in 2013.

DON'T MISS OUT ON YOUR CHANCE TO PURCHASE A BRICK. OVER HALF OF THE BRICKS AVAILABLE FOR ENGRAVING HAVE ALREADY BEEN SOLD. Individual and organization brick order forms are available below. If you would like to receive more information about this wonderful program, please leave a message on our voicemail at (781) 979-2400.

Click here for Order Form for Individuals

Click here for Order Form for Organizations

Goose Control Committee

The Selectmen and FOLQ agreed that a town-wide committee could best address the concerns of Canada Goose over-population problems in Wakefield and, particularly, at Lake Quannapowitt. Such a committee was approved by the Selectmen on March 27, 2006.

Goose Control Activities:

  • Retention of professional dog patrol whose responsibility is to harass the geese and chase them away from the public open land surrounding the lake and other parks

  • FOLQ funded the boat motor for water based goose harassment, supports the town GCC efforts and provides funds and other goose deterrent activities

As a result of the Goose Control Committee's activities in 2009, there was a 95% reduction in Canada Geese at the Lake through the summer. There was almost a complete reduction of goose excrement on the Common allowing the ability to walk barefoot once again in the beautiful grass by the lake. Unfortunately in the fall problems arose with the Border Collies and their handler and boat driver which allowed the geese to come back. FOLQ will be working diligently in the spring of 2101 to take back the Common from the geese and will work with the Town's committees to provide a replacement for what was working so effectively in 2009.

Lake Clean-Up

Twice yearly, FOLQ joins forces with Wakefield Middle School 5th Graders in cleaning up the lake's shoreline. Students and volunteers meet at the Common to clean the banks of Lake Quannapowitt removing trash and debris. Those interested in volunteering should contact FOLQ by telephone at (781) 979-2400 or emailing