FOLQ Files Articles for Town Meeting Consideration


Friends of Lake Quannapowitt (FOLQ) remain opposed to a 485-unit housing development being planned for construction on the site of 200 Quannapowitt Parkway (formerly American Mutual/Comverse). Cabot, Cabot & Forbes, a large Boston development corporation is expected to file for a zoning Special Permit to build “Multi-Residence Housing” on the shores of Lake Quannapowitt.

The upcoming decision on this housing development proposal is historic, likely permanent and critically important. We need and welcome informed dialog and discussion of this position and have recently launched a public information campaign to more widely inform the citizens of Wakefield of the planned development. In addition, we have taken steps to file articles for town wide consideration at the November town meeting; articles that, if enacted, would either prohibit or limit residential development at 200 Quannapowitt and other similar lake areas.

Based on the developer led focus-group meetings held over the past 6 months, FOLQ fundamentally views the introduction of urban-density housing on the shores of our lake as being inherently detrimental to the lake-environment and the public enjoyment of our parklands. Lake Quannapowitt and its surrounding green-spaces attract many hundreds of people daily for a welcome escape from the pressures of urban life. Introducing 800 to 1200 residents with their cars into this area will degrade the character of the park-like greenway that people value. The Townspeople commonly call Lake Quannapowitt, the “town jewel”. The jewel is fragile and needs to be protected against encroaching urban development of unprecedented size.

We are currently grateful inheritors of the foresighted-preservation of Lake Quannapowitt and its public greenspaces by town citizens past. Is the legacy of our current lake stewardship going to be huge apartment buildings built on the lake shore? Friends of Lake Quannapowitt believes otherwise as dictated by our mission: “To promote public awareness and provide long-term protection and enhancement of Lake Quannapowitt and its surrounding public lands”. We hope you will support us in protecting the lake from overdevelopment!