Gumby Poles need to go!


Despite horrible weather, the turnout at the utility pole meeting was better than expected. The Selectman’s Meeting room was standing room only, and a few people had to lean in to listen from the outside. Even though it was technically a regular WMGLD meeting, General Manager Peter Dion spoke at length to answer most of questions and concerns from the audience.

The public commentary was overwhelmingly in favor of getting rid of the utility poles. Most criticisms leveled at Mr. Dion and the rest of the board were of the “what were you thinking” variety. To his credit, Mr. Dion kept his cool and answered them as best as he could.

The best line of the evening was from Bob McLaughlin, who called the new utility poles, “Gumby Legs.” The similarities are striking…

Click on the picture to zoom in.

But unfortunately, it looks like Gumby will be with us for a long time. Even under the best of circumstances, moving utilities like these takes 3-5 years. The good news is that the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Jack Warchol, asked Mr. Dion to form a working group to get all of the stakeholders together. It would have been far better to have formed this group months ago, but it is a better alternative than nothing at all.

So here’s to the Working Group! We will be providing updates on a regular basis until finally Gumby is banished from the head of the lake. In the mean time, keep sending us your support, and don’t be afraid to send WMGLD your suggestions and encouragement.

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