Town-appointed “Lake Quannapowitt Committee” Searching paths for the lake’s best future

Last March, in response to advocacy by FOLQ, the Board of Selectmen appointed a town committee to study in depth various problems impacting Lake Quannapowitt’s water quality, and to develop recommendations to address those problems. The 15-member “Lake Quannapowitt Committee” , led by town engineer Mike Collins, has now met 10 times, digesting copious amounts of scientific material on lake management and earlier reports on lake water quality. They also have gone on a number of field trips together to see things on-site. It is a very hardworking group.
The initial take by the committee is that the lake’s problems with algae are linked to its shallowness and the slow pace of flushing. There are a number of potential strategies to use in minimizing the algae blooms that are so disconcerting in late summer. Some options are large operations, such as dredging, involve huge expenditures. On the other end, there are some low-tech treatments that can make a difference without significant outlays (such as planting a riparian growth barrier along shorelines, and reducing phosphorous and animal waste runoff). At this point the committee is reviewing in detail the cost/benefit of all approaches in its in depth study, and will generate a detailed report to the Selectmen and the general public. At some point in the future, the town will be making decisions about how to best take care of the lake which is the anchor of our town in so many ways. Because of the lake committee’s work, we will have chance to make a truly informed decision. The committee’s careful process will take considerable time, and along the way FOLQ will try to keep its members updated and educated.


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