If you Love Lake Quannapowitt - JOIN US!

Friends of Lake Quannapowitt are people who want to to protect and enhance the waters Lake Quannapowitt and its surrounding lands. They pool their resources and energy to that end.  Our members include people from Wakefield, who see the lake as the town’s beloved signature and as well as an environmental treasure. But we also have many members from surrounding towns who are grateful for the lake as a destination for relaxation and exercise, and want to help in efforts to maximize its condition.  Most of our members simply share in the nominal dues to help us with our mission But many people share in volunteer efforts.  Everything we do is with volunteered time.  This is why our members' donations are so productive.

Why Lake Quannapowitt Needs Friends:

The lake needs a watchful eye:  We offer research, oversight and provide an advocacy mechanism.

The lake needs educated neighbors:  We offer education and information to local citizens to help them understand the lake’s needs.

The lake needs workers:  There are many hands-on tasks that are vital to the lake’s preservation. We run on volunteer fuel.

The lake needs donations:  Town taxes are not sufficient to maintain the lake at optimum level. People who love the lake need to help.

And of course, the lake gives back to us!


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Bricks by the Lake: A Wakefield Heritage project

Purchase a custom-engraved brick to encase a permanent memory on the shores of Lake Quannapowitt.

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September 2014
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